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Supplier Service The mainly focus of EOI’s procurement and outsourcing operations is to create a competitive environment, look for good manufacturers providing equipments, materials, or projects with appropriate quality and quantity to cater for the demands of expansion or operation from various departments, and normalize the procurement transactions to establish an open and fair justice procurement platform simultaneously.
Supplier Management Evaluating the environmental performance of suppliers and conducting supplier audits. Expecting to reach mutual trust with suppliers by occasional visiting and inviting to communicate directly and keep improvement. Implement the two-way communication by phone, email, and communication software. Organize supplier meetings to establish a direct communication channel. Attending to supplier new product presentation to acquire new information/knowledge is the channel of direct communication. Understanding the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fulfilled by suppliers via the supplier self-assessment form, and facilitating the CSR by discussing with suppliers.
Supply chain capability management Suppliers are important partners for EOI with respect to our realization of sustainable development; EOI has always been contributed to have a smooth communication channel with suppliers, and achieving a win-win-win situation with our supplier and customer is our goal of continuous efforts. If it our expectation to build a long-term strategic, innovative, competitive, and leading overall supply chain with excellent suppliers.
Green supply chain EOI has continued to devote time to green energy industry and its sustainable development. In order to facilitate the supplier’s recognition and reflection of corporate social responsibility, EOI requires suppliers to abide by both sides in compliance with the low of environmental protection, industrial safety, health, and anti-corruption.
No conflict minerals statement On the issue of human rights, EOI has made it clear to suppliers that no support or use materials from armed conflicts, illegal mining and inferior working environments, known as “conflict minerals”. Meanwhile, EOI also requires suppliers to provide the products unrelated to “conflict minerals” as mentioned above, and expecting that it will have a slightly positive influence on this issue by the self self-regulatiory actions of the entire supply chain.
Energy saving and carbon reduction EOI promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction with own experience and hopes to assist suppliers in “energy conservation and carbon reduction” as a practical action. It’s expected that suppliers will pay attention to global warming issues, and make the green supply chain of EOI continue to improve, and rise towards a higher level as the development.