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EOI attaches employees' capabilities and expertise, we also upholds the principle of fairness and reasonableness to treat our employees. The humane resources management absolutely considers the institutionalization and humanization. In the terms of appointment, salary, training, promotion, dismissal, retirement, etc., which will never be affected by the factors of race, social class, gender, or political tends. We hire and keep the qualified employees through the best programs. EOI has been establishing the relative measures of human right protection and labor policies. We hope our employees can fulfill company's target via the principle of employees' safety and the integrity.

Hiring and recruiting employees According to the requirement of the organization to hire the new partner and keep the well performance employees to create the excellent team.
Training and Development Provide the training to increase the knowledge, skill, and specific talent for our employees to assist employees’ career development.
Compensation and Benefits Recognizing and rewarding excellence in employees’ performance and contribution to the company. Knowing personal productivity accounts for team productivity. We also provide the well salary and promotion to encourage the well performance employees.
Relationship and Communication Encouraging open communication between employees and their superiors concerning their performance and potential professional growth. Using labor-management meeting, internal meetings, intranet bulletin and formal announcements to express company vision, objectives and policies.
Enviroment Providing a safe workplace that complies with government policies and requirements. In addition, allocating appropriate resources to implement programs for work-related accident/injury prevention.
Social responsibility We are dedicated to giving back to the community by encouraging employee involvement in community services. EOI Charity Club is the internal overseeing organization.