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Congratulations! You are going to Join EOI! Before you enroll, please carefully read the following tips for new comers, and prepare essential documents in advance.

Cognition And Practice The attitude that the employees working in EOI
Excellence in innovation:Pursue comprehensive innovation, covering innovation in strategy, marketing, management, technology, manufacturing and more.
Integrity Responsibility:The most basic and most important concept. Once a commitment is made, we must go all out at all costs.
Inheritance and Cultivation:Seriously do everything and every task the best. Review at any time and strive to improve, pursue and maintain "full customer satisfaction."
Sustainable profitability:The company's growth is simply a consequence of the cooperation of the social and industrial environment, and we must continue to do our best to give back to the society and become a good corporate citizen.
Essential Documents For Enrollment Please take essential documents as mentioned in your offer letter.
Physical Examination Notification Before enrollment, pre-EOIer should take Physical Examination, and exam items vary from different job as mentioned in their offer letter. According to our company regulation, every pre-EOIer should hand in their examination report to go through the enrollment procedure. Since the report takes 14 days(on average), please take the examination as early as possible to make sure the enrollment could be finished in time.
Apply For Rent You can make advance notice before registration if you have accommodation and rental requirements. The monthly rent ranges from NTD$5,000-6,000, no deposit is required. We will assist with related arrangements.