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In order to encourage employees' excellent performance and continuous efforts, the company creates a positive organizational culture.We set up the incentive projects, which is corresponding with different function of business units.

Rewards for R&D patents and innovation proposals EOI sets incentives in order to enable R&D team to increase potential and work efficiency.
Rewards for sales performance In order to enhance the company’s competitiveness, EOI formulates relevant incentives to create revenue and profits to achieve the goal of “sustainable profit and sustainable operation.”
Rewards for production performance Provide performance bonuses for production line personnel who are eligible for awards.
Quarterly rewards EOI gives immediate bonuses based on the performance contributions of each quarter.
Employee suggestion program EOI encourages employees to provide suggestions for beneficial operation improvement or reduce costs to improve operational efficiency and quality. Employees can participate in management and give proposals for improvement rewards.
Employee motivation scheme This reward program is used to reward employees with special deeds to enhance their morale and sense of accomplishment.
Commendations of excellent employee In order to enhance the employees' honor and work efficiency, EOI has formulated outstanding employee administration regulations to reward excellent employees. Employees are praised awards and trophies for public recognition.
Commendations of senior staff employee Senior employees who have served in the company for five, ten, fifteen or twenty years will be praised awards and trophies for public recognition.