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Corporate Governance Situation

EOI is committed to building an effective corporate governance system, protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, strengthening the functions of the board of directors, exerting the functions of supervisors, respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders, and enhancing information transparency to implement the spirit of corporate governance. The company firmly believes in a sound and sound board of directors. EOI firmly believes that a sound board of directors governance system is the fundamental foundation of good corporate governance. Furthermore, EOI has established an audit committee and a compensation committee to facilitate the board of directors to carry out their duties.

Corporate Governance Practices

Chief Corporate Governance Officer

The Company’s board of directors resolved to appoint Lin Jun-Chou, CFO of the Company, as the Chief Corporate Governance Officer on December 23, 2021.

The Corporate Governance Officer has more than 3 years of management experience in legal compliance, internal audit, and financial affairs of a securities, financial, or futures related institution.

The position is accountable for corporate governance matters, including:
1. Handling matters relating to board meetings and shareholders meetings according to laws
2. Producing minutes of board meetings and shareholders meetings
3. Assisting in onboarding and continuous development of directors and supervisors
4. Furnishing information required for business execution by directors and supervisors
5. Assisting directors and supervisors with legal compliance
6. Other matters set out in the articles of incorporation or by contracts

Status of Chief Corporate Governance Officer's education courses:
Date Host by Course name Study hours
110/12/28~110/12/29 Securities and Futures Institute 12hr Practice Study course for those who are appointed as a Director, Supervisor (including independent), and Chief Corporate Governance Officer in the first time 12 Hr

The operating performance of corporate governance for 2021:

1. Summarize the content of the board meeting prepared by each proposal unit, and provide sufficient meeting information, send it together with the notice of the convening and notify the relevant personnel to attend the explanation according to the content of the motion. (Totaled 6 meetings in 2021)
2. Register before the date of the shareholders' meeting, make meeting notices, deliberations manuals, deliberations, and disclose relevant materials before the prescribed deadline, and provide English translations for global investors to read simultaneously. (Held once in 2021)
3. Arrange external assessment for the performance of directors that makes an overall review on the performance goals of board of directors operation from a different perspective to pursue continuous improvement on corporate governance and the operation efficiency.