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Training for New Employees

Training For New Employees We’ll arrange a series of training course for the new employee to assist them to know company’s culture, product marketing, organizational regulations, quality system, workplace safety and health and so on.
The department header and senior employee will play an important guide role to assist their new members to be familiar with work and able grasp main points of job as soon as possible.


On-The-Job Training

Expertise And Skills / Language Abilities Training / Mind-Body Lecture / Professional Certificate Program


Functional Management and Promotion

Promotion And Training Of Group Employee Combined with the career development and performance appraisal of employees, we will carry out promotion training at different levels and positions.


Talent Development

Expert Training Program We establish expert talents in key job positions of EOI Group. Also we formulate functional expert talent storage training plans and training development.



Knowledge Management / E-Learning EOI integrates all training systems and information to provide a convenient learning environment for group employees and also establish an effective learning channel for knowledge transfer by e-learning.