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EOI established in 1995, we have strong strength in the LED automobile and energy-saving lighting industry. EOI has been certified by more than half of the world's top 12 automobile lamp suppliers, also has the achievement of serving more than 40 OEMs for automobiles and as a supplier of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. EOI has gradually become one of the important members of the OEM for automobile lamp supply chain. In the past, EOI has accumulated many years of experience and excellent performance in serving world-class large-scale lamp manufacturers. In the future, we are confident that EOI's performance will be even more dazzling!
We are actively looking for partners with common beliefs to create a new milestone for the LED industry.
Welcome to join EOI - the leader of the LED automobile lamp manufacturer of the world.

Company Mission Continuous innovation to create a better future for the world.
Company Target Fully meet or exceed customers, Employees and shareholders expectations, Promote corporate social responsibility and employee benefits.
Company Philosophy Establish company culture / Humanization / Humanism
Institutionalization / Based on the rule of law Rationalization / Customize with rationality Globalization / Taking the world stage

Establish an internal entrepreneurship system.
Employees are shareholders. Contribution and loyalty Profit sharing & Employee dividends

Establish the concept of hierarchical responsibility.
Separation of powers and responsibilities Clarify duties and responsibilities Power is given to those who are able to take responsibility.

Establish employee welfare policies.
Employees' Welfare Committee Training system Internal promotion channels
Company Vision To become one of the major suppliers of

LED components, LED modules, and LED energy saving products in

global market to contribute to the society.
Company Culture Honesty, Accountability,

Appreciation, Respect,

Customer first, Target-oriented and great teamwork.