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by AEC-Q101/102 Certificate
Overview Part No. CCT (K)/Color Dimension (mm)/Viewing Angle (2θ1/2) Luminaire Luminous Flux (lm)/Dominant Wavelength (nm) λD or CCT (K) Power Consumption (Watt) (Typ.)/System Power Consumption (Watt) (Typ.)/Power Consumption (Watt) Recommended Installation Height(m)/Description/Series Center Illuminance (lux) Color Rendering Index (lm)/Typical Flux (lm) Operation Voltage Range (VAC)/Input Voltage (V DC/AC)/Voltage (V DC)
EOS-CAUYCRA-AK 150 630 50 4 4.7 lm 2.3
EOS-CAPYCRB-AK 150 617 50 7 8.5 lm 2.2
EOS-CAWYGBB-GR 150 (0.325,0.333) 50 12.5 15 lm 2.9
EOS-CAYYGRB-GR 150 (0.567,0.424) 50 8.5 10 lm 2.9

Note : The above product list showed the most popular items of LED components. If the customer requests LED with special specification, or other specific requirements, please contact with our sales, or distributors to get more detail information.