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Annual Shareholders' Meeting

Year Property Annual Reports Notice of meeting Procedure Manual Conference Record
111 Usually
110 Usually
109 Usually
108 Usually
107 Usually
107 Temporary
106 Usually
105 Usually
105 Temporary
104 Usually
103 Usually
102 Usually
101 Usually
100 Usually

Major Shareholders

As of April 9, 2021
Major Shareholders Shareholding (Shares) Percentage
Ding Jyun Investment Co., Ltd.  28,681,034 15.70%
Han Hsin Co., Ltd.  10,697,216 5.85%
Wei Shan Investment Co., Ltd.  7,500,000 4.10%
Xiao Jiasong 4,835,000 2.65%
TLC CAPITAL CO., LTD.  3,183,098 1.74%
Guo Si Investment Co., Ltd.  2,780,088 1.52%
Chen Xianxi 1,600,509 0.88%
Zhang Qingquan 1,546,875 0.85%

Stock price information

  • Dividend policy

    The company’s earnings are distributed in the form of cash dividends or stock dividends. The company is a technology-intensive high-tech business, and it is also an industry with long-term sustained and substantial growth. The demand for funds is huge. Therefore, the company’s dividend policy is primarily to consider the company’s future capital Budget planning is used to measure the funding needs in the next year and determine the amount of funds to be financed. After the retained surplus is supported, there is still surplus surplus and then based on the company’s finances, business, company operations, capital structure, and various public reserves. It will also refer to the general distribution level of inter-bank dividends to determine whether to distribute the current year's distributable earnings in cash dividends or stock dividends, where the cash dividend payout ratio shall not be less than 30% of the total dividends for the current year.

Shareholder Service

  • Shareholder Dept.

    Contact:Alix Liu


    Mail: ir@eoi.com.tw

  • Corporate Information

    Spokesman:Ader Wu,V.P.


    Mail: ir@eoi.com.tw

  • Contact Method

    IBF Securitiesat Stock Affairs Department


    Adress:15.,No 188,Sec.5,Nanjing E.Rd.,Songshan Dist.,Taipei City105411, Taiwan. (Google Map)

  • Important calendar of this year

    Shareholders' Meeting Date:May 26, 2022

    Ex-dividend trading day:June 24, 2022

    Ex-dividend base date:July 2, 2022

    Cash dividend payment date:July 15, 2022