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Job Search Please go to the vacancy information to search for suitable vacancy and submit a resume. If it matches, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an interview. Welcome to join us.
Job Vacancies
Resume Screening After consulting the factors such as educational background, school grades, work experience and professional skills, we’ll provide your resume to let the relevant departments to sieve out the appropriate candidates to arrange follow-up Interviews. If there are no suitable vacancies, we will put your information into the dedicated talent database of EOI, and then contact you when suitable vacancies appear.
Interview Conducted Applicants who meet the vacancies will receive an interview invitation from EOI, and the company's blank resume will be attached to the invitation letter. Please complete and return the HR staff. During the interviews, we will arrange a written test. After finishing the written test, you will have an interview with HR. At this stage you can know the company's business philosophy and company welfare planning and reward measures, then you may interview with one or more department heads. At this time you can further know the work content and the future development of EOI.
Admission Notification After the interview, we will notify the result by phone or email. We will notify the admitted candidate the registration matters.