EOI's manufacturing facilities maintain ISO9001, TS16949, and ISO 14001 certificates to ensure quality and longevity of the products from designing, manufacturing, to delivery.


MOCVD (Metalorganic Chemical Vapour Deposition) is a technique for depositing very thin layers of compound semiconductor materials with extremely fine precision, approaching single atomic layer control to fabricate LED wafer. HPO produces over 200 million pcs LED die per month.

LED Components Packaging

EOI manufactures a wide variety of LED packages with highly reliable automatic equipment of die bonding, wire bonding, encapsulating and binning. EOI produces over 300 million pcs LED components per month.
EMS Assembly

EOI has two TS-16949 certified EMS manufacturing facilities that provide full EMS and sub-assembly manufacturing services to the automotive industries. The EMS and sub-assembly productions all equip with highly reliable quality control equipment including AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection), SPI (Solder Profile Inspection), ICT (In Circuit Tester) and EOL (End-of-Line) testers.
Module and Sub Assembly

EOI's assembly lines excel at integrating electronic modules with mechanical components such as aluminum heatsink, thermal adhesives, and plastic carriers. The accuracy and precision of the processes are enhanced with advanced devices such as automatic robotic soldering/gluing, and precise fixtures. The data are recorded and tracked by MES barcode system to ensure traceability and efficiency.