by Application
by Viewing Angle
by Color
by Package
by AEC-Q101/102 Certificate
Overview Part No. Emitting Color Viewing Angle 2θ1/2 Dominant Wavelength λD (nm) or Chromaticity Test Current (mA) Luminous Intensity Iv (mcd) or Total Flux Φv(mlm) / (lm) Forward Voltage Vf typ. (V)
min. typ. unit
EOS-RGB606A00 120 ° 623/525/470 20 560/715/285 800/1000/400 mcd 2.2/3.4/3.4
EOS-RGB904A00 120 ° 623/525/470 20 450/715/355 560/1000/500 mcd 2.2/3.4/3.4

Note : The above product list showed the most popular items of LED components. If the customer requests LED with special specification, or other specific requirements, please contact with our sales, or distributors to get more detail information.