Energy Star
Energy Star Environmental Protection Guidance
1.EOI endeavors to save energy and do the environmental protection.
2.EOI has been developed and produced energy-saving LED products with very high efficiency since It was established in 1996.
3.Compared with 116 Watts power consumption for the incandescent light bulb which is used in traditional traffic signals, EOI develops new LED traffic signals with power consumption below 20 Watts. It can achieve 80% energy saving on each traffic signal.
4.EOI also develops LED Christmas lights which can reduce 60% energy consumption, and it bas been certified with Energy Star.
5.EOI develops LED street lights which can reduce 60% energy consumption, and it is applying for the certification of Energy Star.
6.EOI environmental policy is to reduce 3% energy consumption every year and use materials, and manufacture process with low pollution. EOI always endeavors environmental protection continuously.

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