LED Automotive Lighting Modules

EOI provides LED Components and LED Modules OEM/ODM services for below applications.

  • Automotive exterior and interior lighting (ODM and OEM)

    • Rear combination lamps (RCL)
    • Center high-mount stop lamps (CHMSL)
    • Brake lights, turn signals and side markers
    • Daytime running lamps (DRL), head lamps and fog lamps
    • License plate light and decorative lights
    • Interior reading lights
    • Indication lights and back lights
    • Driver boards for automotive modules



Major facilities and system for manufacture, and quality control

  • SMT production line

    • Solder paste inspection machines (SPI)
    • High precision mounters (P&P)
    • Reflow ovens (12 zones)
    • Automatic optical inspection machines (AOI)
  • Assembly production line

    • ICT/ ATE test machines
    • Soldering machines
    • Glue machines
    • Router / Rollers
    • Burn-in ovens
  • Process and quality control

    • X-ray
    • SEM
    • CMM
    • Microscopes
    • Projectors
    • High temperature & humidity chambers
    • Thermal shock chambers
    • Integration sphere
    • Goniometer
  • Traceability

    • ERP/ MES (Shopflow) systems
    • By production lot and serial number
  • Production environment

    • Clean room for SMT and assembly production areas
    • ESD protection in IQC, warehouse, and production areas




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